This shows past work which has been exhibited for sale by KPG artists. Select each artist individually to view examples of their work.

Averillo A walk through the Poplar trees. Mono print. 61x41cm. £395 Amanda Averillo
BARRSMITHhere comes summer Debra Barr-Smith
Breathwick - Back to work - oil on canvas - 20 x 20 cm - £120 Anne Breathwick
Chapman The Olympian Liz Chapman
 Lucy-Clayton-Crab-Kent-Painters-Art-Exhibition Lucy Clayton
1. Louisa Crispin individual bumblebee kpg Louisa Crispin
Davis 'It's Because' £475 (oil on canvas) 64cmx100cm framed Sue Davis Sue Davis
Daynes - Towards Cannon Street Station oil on board, framed 28x36 cm £550 Chris Daynes
Enthoven French figs Antonia Enthoven
Evans - fish and nets low res Melvyn Evans
SE_Marina Steve Everest
FeatherstoneBarge_House_frances_featherstone Frances Featherstone
FitzGerald The Vine detail for KPG  Roger FitzGerald
FFlutter_Where_Sea_Meets_Sky  Felicity Flutter
Frampton The Dance 7C8001E6-A7EF-451C-A091-2DB32DC913A5_1_201_a  Rob Frampton-Fell
France_Selenium_monoprint etching with gold dust Christina France
Arborescence 2( 2 of 5) limited edition photograph 50x74cm £500 unframed Caroline Fraser
CGill 1 Claire Gill
 Skinners School (6).tif Elaine Gill
Gooch Dappled Shade,40x40cm,Oil on Board,£550 Libbi Gooch
Gray Matrix I (2) Ceridwen Jane Gray
Jackie Gwyther - Spring Sky Jackie Gwyther
Hasted Camo Chameleon, Printed Silk, 81x81cm (framed), £720 Kate Hasted
The Seven Sisters 40 x 60cm Oil Nick Hebditch
Hosp - A_TangHorseII_CollagraphAndGoldLeaf(2of4)_245x265mm_unframed£120 Polly Hosp
S Hudson 1 Sarah Hudson
Humberstone 20200131_151910 Dani Humberstone
MJacobs1Kent Hops Martin Jacobs
Killens - Cambridge transport John Killens
Lamb - 1 Ballet Dancer Stretching No.1RG Sue Lamb
Claire Longley _Hauteur in the Border_Oil on Canvas_ 60 x 60 cm _ £425 unframed Claire Longley
Lovegrove RoseBowl Gilly Lovegrove
McKay - Escape The City Sally McKay
1_Hildegard Pax_Linear Fall IV_29x29cm_framed_£580 Hildegard Pax
Ritchie Bread & Honey Rebecca Ritchie
Robson sea-of-waves-carole-robson Carole Robson
Shelley Rose_Beauty in Isolation_Foxglove_70x55cm_£750 framed (Primary image) Shelley Rose
Rudd 1 Anthony Rudd 
Scullard Into the Woods wood engraving 115x140mm £95 Sue Scullard
Simpson Where Next Juliet Simpson
Towner 4 Anna Towner
KVP Swiss topaz solitaire pg Kate Van Der Pump
Wade 1 Nigel Wade
Wishart 1  Myra Wishart
Woodman - wonder  Scarlett Woodman