Dani Humberstone VPSWA

Dani was Vice-President of the Society of Women Artists for five years, stepping down earlier this year. She is regularly invited to exhibit at the Florence Biennale, has been selected to show at the RA Summer Exhibition, shows regularly in London and the South East and has written several books on painting for Search Press Ltd.

Dani uses the imagery of fruit in much of her work – she is interested in their metaphorical and symbolic use in both the visual arts, literature and mythology. The use of traditional painting techniques and strong light and shade or chiaroscuro creating a sense of drama. There is a surreal quality and wit in much of her work but importantly there is also a respectful nod to the painters of the Renaissance and many influences from the Dutch Masters of the 15th and 16th century.

Instagram: @DaniHumberstone
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Email: info@danihumberstoneart.com
Mobile: 07702 070062

Humberstone 20200131_151910
001: First equinox (oil on canvas), 50 x 50cm, £1750