Louisa Crispin

Entranced by the cycle of growth and decay, Louisa captures the details on beautiful smooth Strathmore bristol board using ultra sharp pencils. It’s quiet in the studio, distanced from the world as she looks ever closer at plants, insects and birds. Texture, shadows, silhouettes and movement created with marks and tone, it’s rarely about the colour.

For more information about how to purchase the work shown please go to www.artworkarchive.com/rooms/louisa-crispin/74f1ca or contact Louisa on the number below.

Instagram: @louisacrispin
Facebook: LouisaCrispinArt
Twitter: @Louisa_Crispin

Website: www.louisacrispin.co.uk
Email: louisacrispin@gmail.com
Mobile: 07708 148413

1. Louisa Crispin individual bumblebee kpg

001: Individual bumble bee (graphite and gold powder), 12 x 12cm, framed, £95 each (SOLD – MORE AVAILABLE)