Polly Hosp

Polly is a printmaker specialising in etching, drypoint, monoprint and collagraph – actually any technique that can be put through a press! Inspired and influenced by both the Kent countryside, and more than a decade spent living in the African bush, her work explores the wonder of nature through birds, beasts and a variety of botanics. All Polly’s work is unique, and has been handprinted by her, there are a number of prints available for sale for each work.

Instagram: pollyhosp_works
Website: www.pollyworks.co.uk

Mobile: 07943 949 360
Email: pollyhosp@hotmail.com

Hosp TakeOff_Etching(5of15)_200x200mm_£135
001: Take off, edition 5 of 15 (etching), 200 x 200mm, unframed, £135