Rob Frampton-Fell

Rob began painting twelve years ago, runs an Art Group, has had many exhibitions, been a guest artist on a number of occasions, has had a solo exhibition in London and been featured in a number of art magazines. He is a qualified teacher, taught for many years and has a Master of Arts degree.

The starting point of Rob’s work can often begin from something observed of particular unusual interest, such as something peculiar in a landscape, odd looking places, curious groupings of objects, fantastic natural and man-made colour eccentricities, anything that appears slightly ‘out of sync’ that grasps his attention. On other occasions it is simply intuition that provides a starting point for his work.

Whatever the starting point, Rob begins by using charcoal to draw a few random lines on canvas, then spends time looking carefully at the lines and interpreting what they reveal as an image. The painting process evolves with Rob creating shapes and forms. He chooses interesting colour combinations, varying the shades, developing highlights, making and reflecting upon decisions and changes to the composition whilst thinking carefully about overall balance, until a work is finished. The final composition always demonstrates a free spirited and bold use of mark making, rich colour, shape, texture and is very distinctive.

Instagram: @robsabstract_art

Telephone: 01233 742670

Frampton The Dance 7C8001E6-A7EF-451C-A091-2DB32DC913A5_1_201_a

The Dance – Acrylic Painting – 40×40 cms on box (deep edge) canvas – £250